Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soak it up!

I remember when I was growing up my Mami would soak her feet in hot water and Epson salt because she said it was good for you. Well she may have been on to something, soaks are said to decrease inflammation, increase circulation and relieve foot stress.  I soak my feet when I'm "breaking in" new shoes, have been wearing heels all week or after a night out. After soaking, my feet do feel less sore and are less swollen. You can take it up a notch and add some marbles or rocks - sliding your feet back and forth for an added massage. You may even add an essential oil to the water for an even more relaxing experience; you can try lavender, eucalyptus or mint.

1 - You will need a small tub, bucket (big enough to fit your feet)
2 - Fill it with enough hot water (as hot as you can stand it) to cover your feet
3 - Add Epson salt, marbles/rocks and any essential oils
4 - Relax and soak your footsies for about 30 mins

Happy soaking!


  1. just found your blog from MBC... and am following!

    I am so glad you posted this because I never knew it and am definitely going to need it after breaking in some new shoes! I look forward to more posts!!


  2. oh you are going to love it, i call it mommy's time out! lol
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  4. Ohh i really need foot soaking! :)

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  5. This was my favorite thing to do when I was pregs and couldn't take a really hot bath. Thanks for the reminder. New follower from the hop.

  6. This sounds wonderful. I should really do this one day.

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  7. I definitely recommend you ladies trying this, you'll love it!

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  9. Hello, I'm new GFC follower of your blog :)

    I didn't know epsom salts helped with inflammation & increases circulation that's awesome, I'm gonna try it!!