Sunday, December 18, 2011

Got time?

Ever since going back to work five months ago, I feel like I don't have time anymore. Time for what? you ask... time for anything! I feel like my time is fleeting, I don't have time to think, to breath, to just be! I miss my morning jogs or being able to pop in an exercise video; exercise really does a body and mind GOOD! It helps me release any tension or stress I may be feeling; now I try and go for a walk during my lunch break or just getting out of the office for some fresh air helps.

I've also started a VERY bad habit and that is to bring work home for me to finish. I know, I know it's a horrible idea; but sometimes it's the only way for me to finish my "To Do" list. I've gotten better with this, I've learned to say "Tomorrow is another day".

As tiresome as it may be I wouldn't trade it for anything; I really do love my job and the people that I work with/for (most of the time lol). It helps me be a better mom, the time away from home makes me appreciate my family that much more.


  1. Hi, new follower via Weekend Hoppers

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower from MBC! I feel the same way with being a new mom. I actually left my "job" and started working at home doing something I'm passionate about and that is "design!" I try to find some time with the new baby who is 8 months and try to squeeze in exercise - mostly when he's sleeping. It is very hard! I completely understand.

  3. good luck finding time! I have found when I give my time to others, my time somehow multiplies!

  4. Oh gosh, I am so scared to go back to work LOL, I know I have to go soon but totally not looking forward to it,
    Looks like i am your 101th follower :)
    Would love a follow back, :_)

  5. Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    @Nora, the first month will be hard but you will get through it. There will be times that you actually look forward to the office! lol

    Happy holidays to you all!