Sunday, December 25, 2011

What's in a Sale?

Year-end sales are in full effect but there are a few things you should all know before heading out to shop.

- The main objective of a sale is to get rid of the old items to make room for the new. Most of the items on sale are either display pieces, overstock items or returns. Your best bet would be to go with an overstocked item, being that the items that were on display or returned may not be in the best condition.

- With trends now-a-days you should be mindful of what you're able to carry over into the next season. Stick with classic pieces verses the over trendy ones.

- Lastly do a fit test, especially when buying "final sale" items; you have to make sure clothes fit well and aren't damaged. Should you find something you love and notice it's damaged, ask for a discount - especially if it's the last one left. Most retailers are willing to accommodate, since they are eager to get rid of clearance items.

Happy Shopping!

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