Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have to admit I do not like scary movies - at all! 'Till this day the only way I can watch them is with the TV on mute! LOL 

In honor of Halloween here are just a few classic scary movies that will have you shaking in your boots.

1 - Halloween

Talk about a classic horror flick, it's theme song still freaks me out. 

2 - The Birds

Looking for an old fashion scare fest?! Well, this Alfred Hichcock film should do the trick.

3 - Friday the 13th

No scary movie list is complete with out it. It made me scared to go camping or anywhere out in the woods!

4 - The Shining

We can all agree that Jack Nichlson is really good at playing a psycho! This movie made me fear staying in hotels LOL

5 - The Exorcist

This is one movie I can honestly say that I've never been able to watch in its entirety but can you blame me?!

This of course is just a short list; what are some of your must watch scary movies this Halloween?

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