Sunday, November 24, 2013

Style File | Party Shoes

So you have your party outfit, now it's time to concentrate on getting the perfect pair of shoes. For me it doesn't really matter the price of the shoe, what matters the most is comfort. As long as the shoe fits, I'm good. I don't care how 'IN' they are, if I'm not comfortable, I will pass! I say this from experience, years ago I bought a pair of 'IT' shoes (trying to be cool) and I regretted that decision even before I had a chance to leave my house! I just kept saying to myself 'You have to "break" them in, you have to "break" them in'. Well they ended up breaking the skin around my toes, I was literally bleeding and hobbling by the time I got to work! Unbelievable! I had to run and buy a pair of flip flops; I also bought a pack of band-aids for my feet! All in the name of fashion?! SMH From that day on I vowed never to sacrifice for fashion (at least not too much LOL). I love high/low dressing - it's a way of life!

Ankle Strap with Metal Ornament

Gold Caged Sandal

Shimmering Pump

Strappy Sandal with Beads

Taupe Suede Pump

Strappy Sandal

Asymmetrical Pointed Pump

Lace-Up Booties

Geometric Cutout Heels

I actually own a few of these (the lace-up booties, red pumps and the strappy sandals) and I love them. So now that you've got your outfit and shoes, next up is holiday hair.

xo | B