Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow day!

To continue talking about lounging in your pjs LOL, what kid doesn't love a snow day?! Heck, even I love them; it gives us an opportunity to spend a week day at home. We sleep in late, drink hot chocolate, watch movies and I make chicken soup. If I'm lucky I can sneak in a little work from home (yeah, right!). And if there is a lot of snow accumulation we go outside and have a snowball fight or two, we attempt to make a snowman, we make snow angels and sledding! #Funtimes 

Like my boys (9 & 5) I too longed for snow days as a child, my sisters and I would stay home with my mom, while dad went to work. We would fight, get on each other's  and my mom's last nerve LOL (somethings never change).

What do you do on a snow day?

xo | B


  1. We have school because I homeschool my children. After school we play in the snow together!

    1. Wow! I admire you for home schooling your kids.

      thanks for stopping by!