Saturday, January 4, 2014

Style File | Healthy Hair Chronicles

My hair story is a complicated one. I began my natural/healthy hair journey almost two years ago. You see, I have naturally curly hair but I've always worn it straight. I mean ALWAYS, for as long as I can remember, I've always straightened my hair (more on that later). The only time I would wear it curly was during the summer months because I mean, what's the point of getting blowout in August?! 

Ever since I ditched my blow-dryer and embraced my curls, I've seen a huge improvement in my hair's health. Along the way, I've also discovered a new found love of coconut oil. Go on any natural hair website and you will find countless articles dedicated to the wonders of coconut oil.  I like to use it as a hair mask, prior to washing my hair. I section my hair (usually three sections on either side of my head), I then apply it generously as I finger detangle each section. I leave it on for at least 30 minutes, I've read of bloggers leaving it on overnight. Once I wash it out and style my hair, I'm left with soft, bouncy curls - I love it! It is definitely one of my holy grail products, oh and it's not just for hair. I also use it as:

- moisturizer - I use on damp skin to lock in moisture, the result... silky, smooth skin

- lip balm - dry lips be gone

- dry hands/cuticles - rub some on your dry cuticles/hands - voila

- makeup remover - perfect for stubborn eye makeup

Check out more uses for coconut oil here.

To get the full benefits, make sure you use organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil. You can get virgin coconut oil in Whole Foods, I like the Trader Joe's brand (under $10.00). Another favorite the Spectrum brand coconut oil (also under $10.00), found in Whole Foods, on amazon, and in other health food stores.

ox, B

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