Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer beauty fixes - how to fix sun damaged hair

How to fix sun damaged hair

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During the summer months, our hair goes through so much. The hazy, hot & humid weather AND the aftermath of "swimmer's hair". You know how hard, dry & brittle your hair feels after a day at the beach or pool. Ever since going natural, I've made it my business to really take care of my hair, that includes deep conditioning on a weekly basis (one of my favorite DIY recipes).

The key to healthy hair during the summer time is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Regular deep-conditioning treatments are the foundation & lifeline for curly hair (any hair really, especially if you use heat). Also cutting back on your use of heat tools (blow dryer, curling/straightening irons) - the high temps are a surfier way to say your hair of any moisture it has.

Here are a few of my favorite deep conditioners, each one serves a purpose. Find you purpose & you will find your deep treatment.

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