Monday, August 18, 2014

Healthy Hair Chronicles

We've been having great weather here in NYC and by good weather I mean low to mid 80s and ZERO humidity. So, I've been wearing my hair straight for the last two weeks. Here's the proof :-D

Naturally when it was time to revert to my natural, curly hair, I knew I had to give it some extra TLC. I love to DIY my deep conditioners [read here], this way I get to personalize it to my specific needs [moisture, sheen, protein, etc]. I rummaged through kitchen/cupboard and whipped up this easy recipe.

2 - tbsp of mayo
2 - tbsp of honey [make sure to warm it up, makes it easier to mix]
2 - tbsp extra virgin olive/coconut oil
1 - banana or 4 tbsp of banana baby food puree
2 - tbsp of conditioner/hair mask

I put all the ingredients [minus the condish] in my Nutribullet. Then transferred the mixture to a plastic container and mixed in one of my favorite hair masks Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Treatment Masque and set it aside. I washed my hair & conditioned my hair, then sectioned it into four parts. I applied the mixture evenly, put my hair in a bun and put a plastic shower cap on. Used my Softhood hair dryer attachment on medium for 30 minutes. 

Here is a picture of the mixture

After the 30 minutes, I rinse and condition AGAIN! I know you probably think I'm crazy but don't forget curly hair is dry hair by nature, so you have to keep it moisturized! I digress, after I rinse out my hair I style as usual and viola! I have to tell you not only was my hair soft but my curls were so defined! I love it!

Are you guys into DIY hair treatments?

xx, B

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