Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to life essentials

As a kid I always liked this time of the year, the excitement of going back to school. New beginnings, seeing my friends again and of course back to school shopping! Whether shopping for clothes or school supplies it gave me a rush! Maybe that's the shopaholic in me ;-)

Now as a mom I still feel the same rush for my boys, actually I maybe more excited than they are LOL

Back to life essentials

Having two young and active school aged boy, it really does take a village! I not only count on their father but also my fellow mom friends. You have school pickup & drop-off and sports practice [baseball, football, basketball - depending the time of the year]. This is just a small list of items that help me stay on top of everything. 

A good tote bag is key, I got this Rebecca Minkoff tote bag on sale in black & natural colors and couldn't be happier. I use it to go to the beach, grocery shopping or just running around. It's big enough to hold all my stuff. I also am a bit old school and carry around a planner and/or notepad, something about writing things down that makes them seem more real. On the flip side I am always on my phone checking emails, sending texts, so naturally I carry a battery charger. These portable charging stations are great when you're out & about without access to an outlet. A great pair of sunnies are great for hiding tired eyes, loving these Karen Walker sunglasses. Staying hydrated is a must, I like to carry a water bottle with me, this water bottle w/infuser is great, just add some lemon slices (or fruit), add water and go. It's that simple. Chuck Taylor's are classic kicks, they never go out of style and are so comfy; perfect for running to the ballpark after work. A good (and stylish) watch is always a good idea, glad I was able to pick up this Michael Kors 'Cooper' watch - on sale! I can be a bit of a germaphobe and always carry hand sanitizer. I really like these from Bath & Body Works, not only do they smell amazing but they're only $5.00 for a pack of five! One for each handbag, you can't beat that!

As we say goodbye to summer fun and leisure, and say hello to the madness of school, after school activities and all that jazz; just remember to breathe and take it one day at a time.

xx, B 

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