Monday, June 13, 2011

Just another Manic Monday...

New week, new you; same issue how to get the most out of your day, week, month or year?! Now a days there are so many ways to keep organized.

I used to write a To Do list; I would buy some nice stationery, jot down my list and put it up on my fridge, in my bag or by my computer. Where ever I thought it would be visible and help me get things done. Then I moved on to the personal planners, I had several of them. Loved the fact that you had an address book, calendar, a section just for notes, sections for business cards all in one place; you could customize it to your needs. Didn't like the fact that it could get bulky and you always needed a big bag to carry it around. Then getting organized went digital, in comes the Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs for short) they were all the craze in the late 90s. Side Bar: Nokia introduced the first mobile phone with full PDA functionality in 1996; which grew to be the world's best-selling PDA.

Back to getting organized; now a days our cell phones can do it ALL! It's like they say "There's an app for that"; it's a great tool to get you and keep you organized. You can enter meetings, doctor's appointments, soccer practice all in your calendar; you then get reminder notifications which means that you may never miss another appointment again. You can even manage your budget, the possibilities are endless.

I am currently using a personal planner and my cell phone. For some reason I think if I write it down I will not forget it; it works most of the time...

How do you stay on top of your game?


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