Monday, August 29, 2011

What a blow out!

I've been doing my hair at home ever since I got the Keratin hair treatment, it saves me mucho dinero! Take a look how I do it...

After washing my hair I need to protect it from heat damage; I use a few pumps of John Frieda's Full Repair and a few drops of MOROCCANOIL®. Distribute evenly through out hair.



I then divide hair half way and pin the back, I use my ears as a guide

I take a section from the back and pin the rest up

Part that section in half and start blow drying

Once that section is done, repeat until all the hair in the back is dry


Now to tackle the front; same concept

Section by section and the same on the other side

You could leave it like this if you want some bounce in your locks.

I like to take it one step further and use my CHI ceramic flat iron to make my hair super STRAIGHT! You follow the same steps, its easier this time around because hair is dry. I prep hair with a couple of drops of MOROCCANOIL®; just remember LESS is more! It can get very oil, very quickly!

The end result is super straight shiny hair!

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